Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beautiful Girls!!

I asked Hawnay Troof, the electro alter-ego of xbxrx's Vice Cooler, to list his top five albums to travel/tour with. He ignored this completely and started going on about Sean Kingston. To be fair he can do what he likes in my eyes, his new album Islands of Ayle is so good I can forgive him anything.

"When I go on tour I don't usually bring any music with me since my travel arrangements are pretty hectic (covering as many spots as quickly as possible). This tends to lead me to a tour of Airports and Train Stations, so I try to hold back on what I bring.
That being said, I usually just go down the MP3 route and try to download whatever peaks my interest while killing time in my hotels. This past year brought a few surprises, such as Sean Kingston's 'Beautiful Girls'.
It started while in Strasbourg watching German TV (because it's on the border) when he came on Viva to do a live performance. Well, the only thing live about this performance was his very short, thugged-out back up singer who kept trying to 'hype' the crowd - who were all sitting at tables staring at them like a spaceship had just landed. He was the only person with the live mic. An odd pairing since Sean, who looked completley scared to be performing, didn't have one. Nor did his 'band'. Young Sean looked like he was straight out of Grease while his backing band was rocking a more vintage 'Jackson Five'-look. Where the mystery truly lied though was with his singing... I became intrigued by his use of lip sync-ing, which was done in such a poor way that a hand puppet would have worked better. I immediately searched on Youtube and found an early performance in which he is REALLY singing... hacking away and throwing more vocal bricks than a blindfolded basketball player.

Then came the hook:

(Damn on) these beautiful girls, they only wanna do you derrrr.
They'll have you suicidal when they say it's over."

Though that is shocking to hear any young man say, it was really the following lyric that raised my brow:

"Back in '99, watching movies all the time.
When I went away for doing my first crime."

I thought "Ok, so how old is this kid?" At that moment, I Wiki'ed him and found out that his birth date is in 1990!!!!
Ok, so a tall, overweight Teddy Bear who looks like he is having a gun put to his head throughout his whole performance, which revolves around a lyric about killing himself because of girls who are "too beautiful", claims to have been nine when he committed some fictional crime which landed him in jail and resulted with a division between him and his love interest? And this is being marketed!?
So throughout my whole last tour I would have to say that this song is about five albums worth of songs in one. And oddly enough, I do relate to it. Maybe just not in the way that Sean (or his songwriters) intended, but because really stupid people, regardless of gender, do make me want to kill myself."

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