Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Holy Roarrrr!

Every month we will be profiling a record label we think you should know about, be it a brand new DIY folk label or an established 'legendary' label. Here's a taster of the chat we had with Ellen from Holy Roar records. Read the full piece on the iamcontrol.com when it goes live...

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Label ethos – Good bands, good releases, great times

What inspired you to start Holy Roar?

It coincided with us (myself and Alex, co-founder) moving cities and carrying on other stuff we’d done in the UK music scene; like putting on gigs, writing for magazines, and being in bands, etc. It wasn’t so much a moment of inspiration, more a natural continuation and the fact we wanted to put out some music by bad-ass bands.

What were your original intentions for Holy Roar?

We didn’t really have much beyond put out some great releases by bands we love in amazing packaging, and try to keep at it and keep things afloat. We’ve managed that so far, and we keep putting out releases. Now we just want to grow, and world domination will naturally follow.

Has it been successful in reaching your early expectations?

Definitely, although we didn’t exactly have a plan on where we wanted to go with it, but we knew what we were getting ourselves in for. Neither of us are na├»ve about the music industry, nor are we jaded and cynical; although perhaps I didn’t expect quite so many industry knobs.

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